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Western Digital’s 6GB Micro USB Drive Launched…

by Shivaranjan on April 1, 2006


Two months’s ago I got myself a 1GB flash drive, which I thought would be enough for my growing portable data transfer needs. I felt that one would need more than a 1GB in portable storage devices. And now we have 6GB portable HDD based drive which runs at 3600rpm. I am impressed by the size of this drive and the rotating usb connector, and the best part is it does not need a power supply as it is powered by your computer(like the ipod). If it is rightly priced I would love to buy one like this. :smile:

And anyways Arun does not need this because his ipod is better than this because it offers him 30GB of portable space and more over he can listen to his songs and view his favourite videos. :twisted:

LAKE FOREST, Calif. – Mar. 29, 2006 – Western Digital Corp. (NYSE: WDC) today introduced a miniature digital storage device that holds as many as five two-hour feature-length movies, 1,700 digital photos, 1,500 songs or thousands of documents, enabling consumers to effortlessly take their digital library wherever they go. The new USB 2.0 WD Passport Pocket Drives, about the size of a matchbox-measuring about one-third of an inch thin, one of the thinnest of any hard-drive based storage device, and weighing only 1.6 ounces-conveniently store 6 GB of digital content and can fit into the smallest of pockets and purses.

WD Passport Pocket Drives offer consumers one of the easiest ways to transport large digital files-personal or business-and to share files between Mac and PC computers. They can be used with any computer having a USB port. Measuring 0.37 x 2.41 x 1.80 inches and housing a one-inch WD hard drive inside, the ultra-thin WD Passport Pocket Drives feature a unique flip-out, rotating USB 2.0 connector that allows use in tight spaces. The USB connector is thin enough that two drives can be used at the same time in the tightly spaced USB ports found on notebook computers.

WD Passport Pocket Drives are powered by the computer so a separate power supply is not needed. An activity light on the drive glows when the drive is connected and flashes when the drive is storing data.

“Digital content, in many forms, is integral to our business and personal lives,” said Jim Welsh, vice president and general manager of WD’s Branded Products group. “People want a portable storage solution for their digital library that requires the least effort and gives them peace of mind. WD Passport Pocket Drives offer huge capacity in a tiny package for the ultimate in plug-n-go storage. And like all WD drives, high quality is built in.”

Source: Western Digital

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