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Dell Seeks U.S. Government Help for Laptop Explosion Investigation

by Shivaranjan on July 14, 2006


Dell has asked US Consumer Product Safety Commission for assistance in finding out the root cause for the recent laptop explosion which occurred in a Japanese conference.

We replaced the customers computer and are still investigating the cause. We think it was a fault in a lithium ion battery cell. Dell’s engineering teams are working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission and a third-party failure analysis lab to determine the root cause of this failure and to ensure we take all appropriate measures to help prevent a recurrence. By the way, lithium ion batteries are used in billions of notebooks, mp3 players, PDAs and cell phones these days.

The root cause and a solution for this issue must be found out at the earliest. I feel Apple should also join this investigation as they were also in news for the same recently.

I would like to know your feedback about this???

Via Official Dell Blog

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