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Apple Mac Pro Workstation Debuts

by Shivaranjan on August 9, 2006


Apple Mac Pro debutes with an awesome mind blowing configuration, the base model is expected to cost around $2,499 (approx. INR 1,12,455).

Mac Pro specifications worth mentioning:

1. Powered by Intel Xeon Processor
Based on Intels next-generation Core micro-architecture, the 64-bit Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor combines both high performance and power efficiency. Designed for systems with multiple processors like Mac Pro it runs at clock speeds of 2GHz, 2.66GHz, or 3GHz. And it delivers the fastest Mac ever, one that runs up to 2x faster than the Power Mac G5 Quad.

Performance also benefits from 4MB of shared L2 cache per processor. The availability of that much L2 cache enhances processor performance by keeping data and instructions closer to the processor cores. Whats more, the Dual-Core Intel Xeon takes advantage of Intel Advanced Smart Cache technology. Smart Cache allows either of the two cores to utilize all 4MB of cache if the other core happens to be idle.
2. Features 1.33 Ghz FSB Bus
The system architecture features 1.33GHz dual independent front-side buses that maximize the performance of the dual-core, dual-processor system and deliver maximum processor bandwidth of up to 21.3 GB/s.

3. Upgradable storage upto 2 TB
Mac Pro offers four drive bays, providing up to 2TB of internal storage. Speedy 3Gb/s Serial ATA drives install in sleek, aluminum carriers that slide simply into place. And the redesigned latch locks them securely into the enclosure.

4. Double wide PCI Express graphics slot
Offering ample room for future growth, the redesigned Mac Pro enclosure features a double-wide PCI Express graphics slot. Install any of the available graphics cards, and you can still use any and all of the three remaining PCI Express expansion slots.

5. Memory Expandable upto 16GB, Each memory module comes with heat sink.
With a total of eight DIMM slots available, you can install up to 16GB of memory. To help dissipate heat, every Apple DIMM you purchase for your Mac Pro comes with its own preinstalled heat sink. This unique heat sink lets fans run slower and quieter yet keeps the memory cool enough to run at full speed.

This is how the new Mac Pro looks like:

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

I just wanted to check how much would this Mac Pro set me back if configured according to my liking :twisted: and I found that it would set me back by $5,937 (INR 2,67,165).

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