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Why Blu-ray Disc is Better Than HD DVD

by Shivaranjan on August 12, 2006



Associated Content has posted an article comparing Blu-ray and HD DVD. Going by the article I found that Blu-ray is a superior technology compared to HD DVD.

There are some clear technical advantages BD has over HD DVD such as higher capacity (50GB for BD v. 30GB for HD DVD) and higher data rates (50mbps for BD v. 31mbps for HD DVD.) These are no small factors when you consider the file sizes and data throughput required to display 1080p HD video.

BD has two authoring modes, High Definition Movie Mode (HDMV) and Blu-ray Disc Java (BD-J). Here is where differences start to emerge. HDMV is the basic authoring mode, sort of the BD equivalent of standard content authoring for HD DVD. The difference is that, in this basic mode, BD authors will be able to create animated pop-up menus with uninterrupted playback and other features that would have to be coded in iHD. Blu-ray Disc also allows an author to superimpose HD video over the HD movie, a feat that HD DVD can’t currently substantiate. So, when the applications become more available, BD authors will be able to achieve these sophisticated features without having to write a line of code.

So when you remove the fractious elements (Sony, Toshiba, Micrsosoft) from the debate and compare the two technologies on technical merit alone, Blu-ray Disc has clear advantages over HD DVD. And from a DVD authoring perspective, BD is a much more accessible format when it comes to interactivity. But time will tell which format prevails, if the technology succeeds at all, and as we’ve seen in past format battles, the better technology does not always win when fought in the public forum where perception counts more than facts.

The complete article can be read here.

I honestly support Blu-ray format over the HD DVD format because of the amount of data which can be stored. I hope you are all aware of the 200GB Blu-ray disc which TDK is developing.

So which format will win the war and why? Do you support Blu-ray or HD DVD?

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