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1 Terabyte Hard Disk Drive by End of Q4 2006

by Shivaranjan on August 15, 2006


Hitachi is expected to introduce 1 Terabyte :shock: hard disk by Q4 2006. At present the largest Hard disk is about 750GB manufactured by Seagate using perpendicular recording technology. Until now it is not clear whether the Hitachi 1 Terabyte hard disk will be manufactured using Perpendicular recording technology.
ZDNet News Release:

Desktop hard drives holding 1 terabyte, or 1,000 gigabytes, of storage will likely debut in 2006, according to Bill Healy, senior vice president of product strategy and marketing at Hitachi Global Storage Technologies. These drives, which will have a 3.5-inch diameter, are expected to be incorporated into PCs and home servers.

It’s not that big of a stretch for some hard drive makers. Hitachi already sells a 500GB drive, while rival Seagate Technology started shipping a 750GB drive to desktop makers in April. Seagate also sells a home storage device with two 500GB drives to make up 1 terabyte. Drive density effectively doubles every two years and increases steadily over the two-year period; hence, a terabyte drive is on the horizon, Healy said.

Granted, few people really need 1 terabyte of storage. But it sounds cool–sort of like you could be running a ballistic missile tracking site in your den. Besides, humans continue to show that they can come up with ways to gobble up hard drive space. High-definition video is expected to greatly expand the need for storage.

I currently have 610 GB of storage comprising of 3 Hard disk Drives. How much hard disk space do you have and is it enough for you??

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