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Dell to Recall 4.1 Million Exploding or Overheating Laptop Batteries

by Shivaranjan on August 15, 2006


Dell hit the news recently for their exploding laptops and now they are recalling nearly 4.1 million Laptop batteries from the market. The batteries which are being recalled are made my Sony Corp. and this is the largest recall ever made by Dell.

The recall for the defective batteries come after Dell started working with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for resolving this issue.

MSNBC News Release:

Dell Inc., the world’s largest personal computer maker, said Monday it would recall 4.1 million notebook computer batteries with cells made by Sony Corp., the largest recall in Dell’s history.

Dell said it issued the recall in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission because the devices’ lithium-ion batteries could overheat and, in rare cases, produce smoke and catch fire, Dell spokesman Jess Blackburn said.

The recall of batteries in Dell notebooks sold from April 2004 through last month spans the company’s assortment of Latitude, Inspiron and Precision models, Blackburn said.

Blackburn also said that the recall would have no “material impact” on Round Rock, Texas,-based Dell. Officials from Sony Energy Devices Corp. of Japan, which made the cells, could not immediately be reached for comment.

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