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Intel Quad Core Kentsfield to Debut at 2.66 Ghz

by Shivaranjan on August 18, 2006


Intel is going to release its quad core processor ( code name Kentsfield ) in Q4 2006. The kentsfield is nothing but two Core 2 Duo ( code name Conroe ) chips put on the same die. The quad core kentsfield is expected to be branded as Core 2 extreme and will exist along with the existing Core 2 Duo Extreme. The kentsfield will be fitting $999 price bracket.
Expected Specifications of Kentsfield:

  • Kentsfield will clock at 2.66 Ghz
  • 1066 Mhz processor system bus.
  • The Kentsfield will have four cores, 4MB or 8MB level-two (L2) cache.
  • Kentsfield will be built using 65nm technology.

Intel is pushing kentsfield based processor to counter the AMD FX-64 which is expected to clock at 3 Ghz with 2x1MB L2 cache and AMD FX-66 clocking at 3.2 Ghz with 2x1MB L2 cache which are due in the same period.

HKEPC Hardware News Report:

Sources tipped that Intel has confirmed to release Quad-core Desktop processor earlier to Q4. The price is set at $999, following the traditional price for the most high-end Core 2 Extreme product. Its performance-to-cost would sure be in great advantage than AMD Athlon 64 FX-64, the high-end product from AMD releasing in Q4 also.
The first Desktop quad-core processor is originally scheduled in 2007 Q1, yet it has been pushed earlier to 2006 Q4, according to the latest roadmap from Intel. It would be a member of Core 2 Extreme family for high-end users. While the official name has not been decided yet, the specification is confirmed to be using Socket 775, 65nm manufacturing process, clocked at 2.66GHz with 4MB L2 x2 Cache at 1066MHZ FSB, and supporting Enhanced Intel Speedstep, Intel Virtualization and Execute Bit Disable.
Kentsfield is a quad-core product based on Core architecture. Its made from combining two Conroe core together, similar to dual-core Presler, where L2 Cache is separated for each code and the transfer between have to make use of FSB and the north bridge.

When quad-core Kentsfield has been launched, the old dual-core Core 2 Extreme X6800 would co-exist with Kentsfield until 2007 Q1. Intel is refused to make comments to the price adjustment to Core 2 Extreme X6800 when Kentsfield has been launched.

In addition, quad-core Server processor Covertown is also pushed earlier to 2006 Q4, and will be named to Intel Xeon 5300 family. Similar to Kentsfield, Covertown is made from combining two Woodcrest core together, and its FSB would reduced from 1333MHz to 1066 MHz.

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