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Memorex Starts Shipping HD DVD-R

by Shivaranjan on August 24, 2006


Memorex has started shipping its HD DVD-R media. The HD DVD-R Media manufactured by Memorex can hold 15GB of data, is a write once disc and comes in 1x speed. You can get these HD DVD-R for USD $19.99 (INR 890).

Memorex Press Release:

Memorex, the leading brand of optical media at U.S. retail and a portfolio brand of Imation Corp. (NYSE: IMN), today announced it is shipping its highly anticipated HD DVD recordable media. Memorex HD DVD-R write-once discs support high-definition (HD) television and video recording with crystal-clear broadcast quality. Also ideal for consumers seeking to capture, save and share photos, music and data, the recordable Memorex HD DVD discs deliver up to three times the capacity of standard recordable DVD media and faster digital transfer speeds.

Memorex has always been proud to bring the full spectrum of optical recording formats to consumers,said Ron Zinke, president, Consumer Division, for Imation Corp. The availability of Memorex HD DVD media gives consumers a choice in recordable formats as they enter this new, high-definition world.

Compatible with HD DVD capable recorders and set-top players, Memorex HD DVD-R discs can record up to 15 GB of digital content, up to 75 minutes of HD-quality video, or about 7 hours of standard DVD-quality video, depending upon method of encoding used. The HD DVD format uses new state-of-the-art, blue-violet laser technology to support HD broadcasts and video recording and also serves as a high capacity back-up medium for data and photo storage from PCs and servers.

Memorex HD DVD-R media can record and preserve the digital quality of HD broadcasts, including enhanced 7.1 channel surround sound, brilliant widescreen aspect ratio, high resolution 1080i picture, and content-rich interactive features. Memorex will also bring rewritable HD DVD-RW media to the retail market in the fourth quarter of 2006.

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