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Sophos Offers Free Rootkit Detection and Removal Tool

by Shivaranjan on August 24, 2006


Sophos a leading antivirus software provider has offered a free Rootkit detection and removal tool. The software is capable of scanning your windows registry, running processes and the files in your hard drive for presence of rootkit. Once a rootkit is detected we can remove the suspected rootkit with is utility. This free software can be downloaded from here.

What is a Rootkit??
A rootkit is a set of software tools intended to conceal running processes, files or system data, thereby helping an intruder to maintain access to a system whilst avoiding detection. Rootkits are known to exist for a variety of operating systems such as Linux, Solaris and versions of Microsoft Windows. Rootkits often modify parts of the operating system or install themselves as drivers or kernel modules.

A rootkit is often used to hide utilities. These are often used to abuse a compromised system, include so-called “backdoors” to help the attacker subsequently access the system more easily. For example, the rootkit may hide an application that spawns a shell when the attacker connects to a particular network port on the system. Kernel rootkits may include similar functionality. A backdoor may also allow processes started by a non-privileged user to execute functions normally reserved for the superuser. All sorts of other tools useful for abuse can be hidden using rootkits. This includes tools for further attacks against computer systems the compromised system communicates with such as sniffers and keyloggers.

Here are the screenshots of the Sophos Anti-Rootkit:

I scanned my computer and found that my system is clean. :D

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