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Microsoft ContentAds Takes on Google Adsense

by Shivaranjan on August 30, 2006


Microsoft has started giving invites to select publishers for its contextual advertising platform called Microsoft ContentAds. The main competition for this program comes from Google Adsense, Yahoo! Publisher Network and other small players.

What is ContentAds?

Content Ads is Microsoft’s next product that allows advertisers to place content-targeted, text-based advertisements primarily on Microsoft-owned properties including MSN Money, Real Estate, and many others within the www.msn.com portal.

How does ContenAds Place Ads?

Microsoft says that ContentAds will place advertisements using not just keywords but also demographic targeting, geo-targeting and incremental bidding tools. Sounds like AdSense plus some consideration of the demographics of various MSN sites’ readership.

I can see revenue cut for publishers in future as number players in contextual advertising platform are increasing.

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