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Browzar Web Browser Promoting Adware

by Shivaranjan on September 2, 2006


If you are planning to use Browzar then think again and do not get carried away by Browzar’s claim. Read the report below which throws light on Browzar.

TechCrunch Report:

Contrary to earlier coverage, Browzar appears to be nothing but a simple shell to IE which forces Overture ads on its own users. The creators didnt write a cache or history function, calling this a feature, and users are unable to change the search function or home page to anything other than Browzar ad results. Furthermore, some users are complaining that URL auto-complete is not working properly and also redirects to the Browzar home page, with ads, when it shouldnt.

Wev2.0log concludes by saying There was time when badware developers tried to install ad pages as homepage or searchpage in users IE by any possible means. Nowadays users install adware voluntarily and write news about it. True web2.0 style!

The complete report can be read here.

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