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BitRocket BitTorrent Client for Mac OS X

by Shivaranjan on September 5, 2006


BitRocket is a new bittorrent client for Mac OS X, which claims it is fast, efficient and stylish. BitRocket bittorrent client is intended as an alternative to other Mac OS BitTorrent clients. Going by its features I feel this is the uTorrent equivalent for Mac OS X.

BitRocket UI Features:

  • RSS support (Download .torrent’s from within the application)
  • Integrated (Customizable) Search Engine
  • Flexible Filtering
  • Torrent Generator
  • Live Info View
  • UPnP and NAT-PMP Port Forwarding

BitRocket Features:

  • Trackerless torrents (using a kademlia DHT)
  • multitracker extension support
  • serves multiple torrents on a single port and in a single thread
  • gzipped tracker-responses
  • HTTP seeding
  • piece picking on block-level (as opposed to piece-level). This means it can download parts of the same piece from different peers. It will also prefer to download whole pieces from single peers if the download speed is high enough from that particular peer.
  • queues torrents for file check, instead of checking all of them in parallel.
  • supports http proxies and proxy authentication
  • uses separate threads for checking files and for main downloader, with a fool-proof thread-safe library interface. (i.e. There’s no way for the user to cause a deadlock).
  • can limit the upload and download bandwidth usage and the maximum number of unchoked peers
  • piece-wise, unordered, incremental file allocation
  • implements fair trade. User settable trade-ratio, must at least be 1:1, but one can choose to trade 1 for 2 or any other ratio that isn’t unfair to the other party.
  • fast resume support, a way to get rid of the costly piece check at the start of a resumed torrent. Saves the storage state, piece_picker state as well as all local peers in a separate fast-resume file.
  • supports an extension protocol.
  • supports files > 2 gigabytes.
  • supports the no_peer_id=1 extension that will ease the load off trackers.
  • supports the udp-tracker protocol
  • possibility to limit the number of connections.
  • delays have messages if there’s no other outgoing traffic to the peer, and doesn’t send have messages to peers that already has the piece. This saves bandwidth.
  • does not have any requirements on the piece order in a torrent that it resumes. This means it can resume a torrent downloaded by any client.
  • adjusts the length of the request queue depending on download rate.
  • supports the compact=1 tracker parameter.
  • selective downloading. The ability to select which parts of a torrent you want to download.
  • ip filter

You can get this client from here.

Well any Mac users who can let me know how good is BitRocket? I cannot test it as I don’t a Mac based computer.

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