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Yahoo Mail’s New Anti-Phishing Feature

by Shivaranjan on September 9, 2006


Today when I was logging in to my Yahoo Mail account I noticed the Anti-Phishing feature of Yahoo mail:

On clicking that it takes to a page which says: Protect users on this computer against password theft with a sign-in seal. A sign-in seal is a secret message or photo that Yahoo! will display on this computer only. Look for it every time you sign in to make sure you’re on a genuine Yahoo! site. If the message, photo, or colors are different, you may have landed on a phishing site.

There are two methods to create your secret seal:
1. Create a Text Seal
2. Create a seal using Image

Create a Text Seal Method:
Here you enter a 21 alpha numeric characters that you easily remember and the seal is based on these characters and displayed for that particular computer.
(Click on the image to enlarge)

Create a seal using image:
Here you just upload a image of your choice which yahoo will resize and create a seal for you with that image. As usual I used a James Bond logo as my yahoo seal. :D

(Click on the image to enlarge)

After you save the seal, you should see the seal which you created whenever you visit a genuine yahoo site. You can see below the seal which I have created for my computer.

So folks go ahead create a seal for your self and protect yourself from phishing. :-) Well I found this feature of yahoo very useful. Have you created a Yahoo seal for yourself?

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