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Intel Core 2 Quadro (Quad Core) Kentsfield Benchmarked

by Shivaranjan on September 12, 2006


Intel Core 2 Quadro (Quad Core) Kentsfield has been benchmarked by Tom’s Hardware. Intel Core 2 Quadro (kentsfield) clocks at 2.66 GHz and features total of 8 MB (4MB x2) L2 cache/. When Kentsfield was overclocked to 3.33 GHz without even raising the core voltage it set a new cpu benchmark record of 5016 cpu points. This processor is expected to be out by mid october. It looks like Intel is on AMD crushing spree this year after its core architecture took over K8 architecture. If Kentsfield is introduced by mid october then I may consider upgrading my computer by Q1 2007. ;)

Tom’s Hardware benchmarking conclusion:
Compared with the already not-too-shabby Intel Core 2 Duo/Extreme, the Core 2 Quadro can give performance a mighty tweak – but only for specific applications. In the best-case scenario, performance can even be doubled. However, this depends on the particular program. Software makers have yet to initiate the needed optimizations for multiple physical CPU units. The table below lists a hodgepodge of applications that benefit from four cores right away.The future belongs to HD content. If we take our benchmarks into consideration you can no longer get by without a quad-core processor. Test results with the software packages Main Concept with H.264 encoding and the WMV-HD conversion make this very clear. We noticed performance jumps of up to 80% when compared to the Core 2 Duo at the same clock speed (2.66 GHz). A Core 2 Quadro at 2.66 GHz and higher is the answer for HD video (editing and rendering) at full HD resolution (1920×1080).

Kentsfield without the heat spreader:

Packaging of Kentsfield:

CPU-Z Report on Kentsfield:

Overclocked Ketnsfield:

Well folks what do you think about kentsfield? Will you upgrade to kentsfield core once it is launched?

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