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How to Get Windows Vista RC1 Product Key

by Shivaranjan on September 13, 2006


Microsoft Windows Vista RC1 was released recently for public to preview, in order to install Windows Vista RC1 you need a product key. To obtain the product key just follow these simple instructions.

1. Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
2. Windows Live.com account. If you do not have a live.com account go get it here.

Steps to get Windows Vista RC1 product key:

  1. Go to this site.
  2. Use your windows live.com account to login.
  3. Fill out the small form which is presented to you.
  4. That’s it your product key will be displayed to you and a copy would be sent to your e-mail address.

This is how your product key will be displayed.

Here is the direct download links for Windows Vista RC1 (as of 13.09.2006)
Windows Vista RC1, English 32-Bit Edition (File Size: 2.52GB)
Windows Vista RC1, English 64-Bit Edition (File Size: 3.59GB)

I have got my Windows Vista product key and currently downloading the massive iso file. Go get yourself Vista.

Via CyberNet

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