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2.5 TB Desktop Hard drives and 275GB iPod by 2009

by Shivaranjan on September 17, 2006


Seagate will introduce massive capacity hard disk drives by 2009, which can hold 2.5TB of data for standard 3.5″ desktop drive and 275GB for 1.8″ drives that are used in music players like ipod. These hard drives will be using perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology by which they would be able to handle such massive capacities. The driving factor for such massive hard drives is the HD content which is now getting popular day by day, which the current hard drive capacities won’t be able to handle. If the 275GB ipod gets materializes then all I can say is a wow!!! These mammoth ipods would be handling HD content for portables at that time.

What is Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Technology?
Perpendicular recording aligns the bits vertically, perpendicular to the disk, which allows additional room on a disk to pack more data, thus, enabling higher recording densities where as Longitudinal recording, as its name indicates, aligns the data bits horizontally, parallel to the surface of the disk.

See a flash presentation by Hitachi on perpendicular magnetic technology here.

Via TGDaily

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