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Microsoft Zune Vs Apple iPod: Which One to Buy?

by Shivaranjan on September 22, 2006


Microsoft Zune is headed for stores, now people planning to buy a music player will be finding it difficult to decide between Microsoft Zune and enhanced Apple iPod. To clear these confusions MyTechlist has written an article which compares Microsoft Zune and Apple iPod on the parameters mentioned below:

  1. Storage
  2. Battery Life
  3. Screen
  4. OS Support
  5. WiFi Connectivity
  6. Brand Stability
  7. Content
  8. Navigation
  9. FM Radio Capability
  10. Download Choice
  11. Size
  12. Price

Conclusion of these comparisons:

If the social aspects of Zune are appealing to you, and you’re a Windows user, then Zune is probably your best choice. If you’re not interested in the Wifi features, you will definitely want to look at the iPod, but in several important areas (screen size, download choice, price…) Zune is a clear winner.

Believe me when I tell you, I’m not a big Microsoft fan. I’m typing this on a Mac right now. I WANT the iPod to be better than Zune…and if the mythical “True Video iPod” ever shows up, it might blow Zune out of the water…but right now, it’s a close race – which can only be good for all of us.

The complete article along with detailed explanation can be read here.

Though the verdict given here clearly is in favour of Zune, but I will favour Apple iPod because it is a well established product and moreover Apple hardware is rock solid which I love. ;)

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