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Glimpse of Aston Martin DBRS9 in Action (James Bond Casino Royale Trailer)

by Shivaranjan on September 24, 2006


You can have a glimpse of Aston Martin DBRS9 in action in the latest James Bond flick Casino Royale’s trailer. Watch the trailer carefully as you see the Aston Martin DBRS9 for few seconds.
[gv data="http://www.youtube.com/v/33CiC2p8gAg"][/gv]

Except for Daniel Craig everything else is good in this movie. :D I wish, I could own this master piece of automobile engineering.
From Aston Martin Press Release:
Aston Martin Racing has unveiled the DBRS9, a competition car for club and national racing series, and a bridge for teams and drivers looking towards international GT racing.

The DBRS9 is based on the DB9 road car, but shares many design features from the full GT1 specification DBR9. It uses the road car’s aluminium bonded chassis with a DBR9-based roll cage. Aston Martin Racing’s engineers have tuned the standard 12 cylinder, six litre engine to produce approximately 550bhp (an increase of 20%) and reduced the overall weight by 480kg, to increase the power to weight ratio to nearly 430 bhp/tonne. Much of this is down to the extensive use of carbon composite materials for all the body panels (except the roof) and on the interior trim, as well as polycarbonate side and rear windows.

The DBRS9 has a six-speed H-pattern gearbox with new, shorter ratios for competition use, which can be upgraded to a full sequential racing box. The car’s ride has been lowered and the double wishbone suspension has been rose jointed and fitted with two-way adjustable Koni dampers and stiffened competition springs.

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