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AMD Responds to Intel Core Quadro (Kentsfield) with Athlon 64 FX-2P (4×4)

by Shivaranjan on September 26, 2006


AMD will release its 4×4 platform using Athlon 64 FX-2P dual core processors, 4×4 has ability to process four threads using two Athlon 64 FX-2P dual core processors. This technology is an adoption of Symmetric Multi-Processor system of Opteron series processors. The Athlon 64 FX-2P is expected to debut in Nov 2006, which is same as Intel Core Quadro Kentsfield’s release date.
Athlon 64 FX-2P will be available in four models:

  • Athlon 64 FX-70 clocking at 2.6GHz
  • Athlon 64 FX-72 clocking at 2.8GHz
  • Athlon 64 FX-74 clocking at 3.0GHz

These processors are based on windsor core with 2x 1MB L2 Cache and come under 125W TDP category.

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HKEPC Hardware’s Opinion:
As the 4×4 platform is high in production cost as well as not much in performance boost, the industry indicates that AMD Athlon 64 FX-2P is just a technology show off product rather that mass production product. Its no point for a user to spend more while there is a cheaper solution for the same performance. This platform would appear to the OEM like Dell and HP only.

Do you think AMD will be able to make up using 4×4 platform? I feel the native quad core based on K8L architecture looks more promising than the current 4×4 platform.

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