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Intel Officially Announces Next Generation Santa Rosa Mobile Platform

by Shivaranjan on September 28, 2006


Intel today officially announced Santa Rosa, which is fourth generation Centrino platform. Santa Rosa platform is expected to be out by early 2007.

What does Santa Rosa have?

  • Intel Core 2 processor (code named Merom) with an 800 MHz FSB.
  • 965GM North Ridge chip
  • Supports 533MHz and 667 MHz DDR2 RAM
  • Intel’s GMA X3000 integrated graphics engine with Clear Video Technology for piping video data through the pixel shaders
  • Intel PRO/Wireless IEEE 802.11n mini-PCIe WiFi adapter (code named Kedron)
  • NAND Flash hard drive cache (code named Robson)
  • Uses latest version of Display Power Saving Technology (DPST) 3.0, to reduce power.
  • Intel’s Active Management Technology (AMT) 2.5, tweaked for wireless network connectivity.
  • Support for 3G WAN card developed jointly by Nokia and Intel. The card will support the HSDPA download speed boost technology.

Currently Intel is leader in mobile computing as AMD’s Turion 64 X2 does not match upto the Intel’s centrino platform’s performance in all aspects.

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