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Intel Quad Core Yorkfield by Q3 2007

by Shivaranjan on September 29, 2006


Intel is scheduled to launch its quad core Yorkfield processors by Q3 2007.

What will Quad Core Yorkfield feature?

  1. Yorkfield is the successor to Core 2 Quad (code name kentsfield).
  2. Yorkfield will have one L2 cache shared directly by each pair of chips, enabling more efficient quad-core operation, with less FSB bandwidth.
  3. Yorkfield is expected to have 12MB L2 Cache.
  4. Will manufactured using 45nm technology.
  5. Yorkfield is expected to support 1333MHz FSB.
  6. Support for PCI Express 2.0 and DDR3 RAM clocking at 1333MHz.
  7. Yorkfield will debut on next-generation Bearlake chipset family.

My View:
Intel is pushing new technologies at a faster rate than people could afford to buy it. Going by Intel’s date Core 2 Quad (kentsfield) will debut in November 2006, then why release a kentsfield successor by Q3 2007? Will Kentsfield become outdated within a year? Development of new technologies is actually good news but it should not be done so fast. Now there are some changes to my upgrade plans, I actually planned to pick up Kentsfield by April 2007, now I will wait till Yorkfield is unveiled.

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