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Intel Announces Wireless USB Chipset

by Shivaranjan on October 5, 2006


Intel has developed wireless USB chipset UWB Link 1480 MAC (media access controller) silicon, which would based on the certified Wireless Universal Serial Bus (WUSB) specification that in turn will allow independent hardware vendors to create WUSB devices. The wireless USB devices can access data at 480Mbps within 9.9 feet and 110Mbps within 33 feet. This technology will allow you to upgrade your existing Hi-speed USB 2.0 ports with add-on dongles by which you can connect your printers, modern HDTV etc to you your computer wirelessly.

My View:
The wireless USB devices would allow us to connect our existing computer peripherals without messing up with wires and your desktop will be clutter free. The data transfer speeds of this technology is quite adorable when compared to Bluetooth wireless technology which allow data transfer only upto 10Mbps.

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