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WiMAX Comes to India

by Shivaranjan on October 11, 2006


Aircel Business Solutions (ABS), has launched Wimax wireless broadband internet access in Chennai, India. I am pleased my city Chennai, has become the first Indian city to get broadband wireless internet connectivity. The connection speed and tariff plans are not available as of now, but if they offer unlimited plans then I may be the first person to get hold of this service.

Techtree News Report:
Aircel Business Solutions (ABS), part of Aircel, today became India’s first, and globally one among five operators, to launch wireless Internet services through WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) technology.

WiMAX enables high speed wireless Internet at affordable prices, and is considered to be better than 3G technology. It is unaffected by environmental or climatic disturbances, and promises relief from “last mile” connectivity concerns in both urban as well as rural areas.

Commenting on the service, Ram Shinde, senior vice president, ABS, said, “Initially, ABS aims to make Chennai ‘wire free’ using WiMAX technology, enabling wireless Internet connectivity for SME, enterprise, and residential use. ABS is also positive about the commercial viability and acceptance of WiMAX across varied user profiles and geographies, considering the substantial growth rate of Internet subscribers in recent times.”

Having already enabled wireless connectivity for SME clients through WiMAX based on 802.16d standards, ABS is presently in a position to provide pan-city coverage across commercial areas in Chennai. In effect, end users will be able to connect to the Internet and Intranet with high uptime.

Besides, ABS is in the process of identifying and deploying Wi-Fi ‘hotspots’ throughout the city of Chennai. Internet services at these ‘hotspots’ will be enabled through pre-paid cards integrated with Payment Gateways for online registration.

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