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Sanyo Ultra Small Microphone for Mobile Headsets

by Shivaranjan on October 16, 2006


Sanyo Corporation of Japan is expected to launch an ultra small microphone that could benefit James Bond. :D This new microphone which fits inside the ear could make mobile phone and media player headsets almost invisible in future. This microphone is powered by Sanyo’s LC70700W chip which uses sophisticated signal processing technology.

How does Sanyo Ultra Small Microphone Work?
A vibrating diaphragm inside the earphone generates sound, much like a standard earphone. However, the same diaphragm is also able simultaneously to pick up the user’s speech. The volume level of speech recorded inside the ear is only around three per cent of the normal amplitude picked up by standard microphones close to the mouth, according to Sanyo. But the chip’s digital signal processor is able to separate out the weak voice signal from environmental sounds. The processor also removes its own audio output from the voice signal. The device relies on sound waves which travel internally through the head to the inner ear when people speak. These internal sound waves make the ear drum vibrate slightly, and the air movement caused by this faint vibration is picked up by Sanyo’s combined earphone and microphone.

My View:
This technology looks pretty interesting; I wonder what would be the audio quality on these headsets if they are indeed going to be used along with media players?

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