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NVIDIA to Enter x86 CPU Market

by Shivaranjan on October 21, 2006


Nvidia is planning to enter x86 CPU market by 2008, Nvidia is builiding an integerated CPU+GPU x86 CPU which is expected to compete with mighty Intel and AMD. Nvidia is developing this CPU with ex-Intel engineers from Stexar (a company founded by ex-Intel Engineers). The CPU’s from Nvidia are expected to be built using 45nm or 65nm technology, the techincal specifications of these CPU are not yet known.

My View:
It is good that we have a new entrant in the x86 CPU market, but how Nvidia’s upcoming CPU’s are going to perform is still a question as there is little tech specs available right now. I expect that the CPU’s made by Nvidia will be for budget consious buyers in mind. Let us wait and watch how the x86 markets heat up with this new entrant. :)

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