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Lite-On launches 20x DVD burner

by Shivaranjan on November 15, 2006


Lite-On has officially launched 20x DVD burners as per their earlier plans. The two new drives are the LH-20A1P and the LH-20A1H the only difference being that the LH-20A1H has got Lightscribe support. These drives currently are the fastest DVD burner that money can buy whereas competition currently offers only 18x burning support.

Specifications of LH-20A1P and LH-20A1H

  • DVD+R/-R: 20x
  • DVD+RW/-RW: 8x / 6x
  • DVD+RDL/-RDL: 8x
  • DVD-RAM: 12x
  • Reading DVD: 16x
  • CD Reading: 48x
  • CD-R: 48x
  • CD-RW: 32x

My View:
The 20x drives from Lite-On is a blazing fast burner, but sadly it does not have 20x DVD reading capability.
I feel instead of releasing these products which are based on the older generation DVD technology the manufacturers could focus their efforts on making the next generation DVD technologies like Blu-ray and HD-DVD burners more affordable.

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