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Quick Tip: Speedup Feedreader 3 using Feedreader Backup Utility

by Shivaranjan on May 28, 2007


Feedreader 3 is a popular desktop based RSS feedreader and I had mentioned about this feedreader earlier also here. Many of you would have noticed that as the database size of your Feedreader 3 grows, the responsiveness and performance of your Feedreader 3 becomes pathetic.

In order to overcome this Feedreader 3 comes with a utility which speeds up the application by cleaning and fixing errors in Feedreader 3 database. This utility can be accessed by the following path Startmenu>Programs>Feedreader>FeedReader Backup Utility.

What you can do with this utility?

  1. Tidy up your database
  2. Fix errors that are present in your database
  3. Make a backup of your Feedreader 3 database.
  4. Restore your database from an earlier backup.

You can use this utility to clean up your Feedreader 3 database and speed it up, after using this utility I found a drastic improvement in performance of my Feedreader 3.

Have you tried this utility before? If yes then did you notice the difference in the performance?

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