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Future Nokia Phones will Detect Lightning

by Shivaranjan on June 2, 2007


nokialogo Nokia the current market leader in mobile phones is planning to introduce phones that would be capable to detect lightning. These phones would be able to give warning upto 10 minutes in advance to the user.

How will these phones detect lightning?

Nokia phone’s software would be able to detect the lightning by scanning the two adjacent radio channels to detect the atmospheric disturbances. When ever lighting occurs it produces radio signals in the frequency range of 10 Hz to 5 GHZ which the Nokia phone’s software would be able to analyze and warn its users.

My View:

This would be very much useful for the people who do lot of outdoor activities as the phone is capable of warning 10 minutes in advance. I would definitely love this feature to be in my phone as I would like to know what is happening outside my home during the rainy days. (Even though Chennai gets very less rainfall.) :-D

Found Via DailyTech

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