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PQI Introduces 256GB Solid State Drive

by Shivaranjan on June 2, 2007


Power Quotient International (PQI) has introduced the world’s largest solid state drive with capacity of 256GB called 256GB SSD Turbo+. This drive features transfer rates upto 60MB/sec which current hard disk drives can barely match and data retention upto 10 years due to lesser wear and tear. As of now the pricing of 256GB SSD Turbo+ is not yet known.

Mr.Bob Chu PQI disk-on-module division manager said,

“With growing popularity of flash drive hard drive due to SSD’s shock proof, high stability and low power consumption properties, SSDs have made it?s debut in some of the world’s renown PCs replacing traditional hard drives.”

My View:

Even though the drive is currently marketed for industrial use I would definitely opt for such drive for the features that it has to offer. Solid state drives have many advantages over the current generation drives the major ones being:

  1. Lower power consumption.
  2. Faster data transfer speeds which the current generation hard disk barely match.
  3. These drives are shock resistant so the reliability of data is very high.

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