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Review: 4GB iBall Cutility USB Flash Drive

by Shivaranjan on June 17, 2007


iBall has introduced 4GB Cutility series of USB flash drives in market and is aggressively marketing it. I had got this drive for my personal use as I required a flash drive that could hold data comparable to a DVD.

So what is in the box?

  • 4GB iBall Cutility USB Flash drive
  • Driver CD with disk partition & password protection software
  • Mini storage case
  • Hand strap

Specifications 4GB iBall Cutility USB Flash Drive:

Description Specification
Dimensions 43 x 17 x 4.6mm (L x W x H)
Interface Hi-Speed USB 2.0 (backward compatible with USB 1.1)
Data Read Speed 14 MB/Sec (max)
Data Write Speed 8 MB/Sec (max)
Data Retention 10 years
LED Indication Flashing – Reading or writing data
Weight 3 gms approx

Build Quality and Looks:

iBall Cutility series USB flash drives features fibre body, the quality of plastic looks cheap. If you happen to handle it little roughly you may end up damaging your flash drive; don’t get carried away by the advertisements they show on TV. The Cutility series flash drive is extremely compact and is extremely comfortable to carry in your pockets. I need not speak more about the size as the dimensions speak for themselves and take a look at the photograph below to have a look at the relative size of the drive. (click to enlarge)


Ease of Use:

The moment the drive is plugged into computer the OS detects it immediately, you need not do anything as the drive gets recognized as USB mass storage device in Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista hence the drive is ready to use no need to install any special drivers except in the case of Windows 98. The drive comes bundled with a mini storage case and hand strap that can protect your flash drive from the environment which again is a well thought initiative from iBall.



Benchmark Parameter Value
Transfer Rate 14.7 MB/s
Access Time 0.7 ms
Write Speed 7.5 MB/s
Burst Rate 14.7 MB/s

HDTune_Benchmark_iBall USB Disk

The performance of the drive is quite satisfactory and is fast enough for day today use.

[eminimall products="flash drive"]


The drive retails for around INR 1,700 in Chennai and comes with 3 years warranty.


  • The drive is extremely portable and easy to carry
  • Acceptable transfer rate and write speed which is quite fast for day today use.
  • Comes with mini storage case and hand strap
  • The drive is inexpensive and is worth buying for the price it retails in the market.


  • The build quality of drive is poor. You may need to handle it very carefully else you may end up damaging the drive. The Transcend USB flash drives offer better build quality when compared to this drive.

Conclusion / Verdict:

This drive is definitely worth buying if you can handle it with a little care; Transcend USB flash drives offer better build quality and similar performance for the same price. The biggest positive point about the drive is it’s size. I am quite satisfied with drive and its performance but I would suggest my readers to opt for Transcend drive as it offers better features when compared to this drive.

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