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Tweak and Optimize Windows Vista with Mz Vista Force

by Shivaranjan on June 20, 2007


Mz Vista force is a free software that will help you maximize the performance of Windows Vista. The features of Mz Vista Force are:

1. Performance Tweaks: This feature of the program has got lot of tweaks that can enhance the performance your Windows Vista


2.Windows Tweaks: Here you will find options to enable / disable hidden Windows Vista settings.


3. Internet Optimizer: Internet optimizer will fine tune Windows Vista with respect to the existing internet connection.


4. Startup Manager: This feature will allow you to control the programs that sit in your Windows startup.


5. Services Manger: Here you will be able to manage the Windows services that are running from inside Mz Vista force.

6. Backup and Restore: Windows Vista registry can be backed up or restored with a click. You have the option to use Windows system restore functionality from Mz Vista force.


7. Documentation: The documentation that comes with this software is really worth as it explains in detail the the functionality of each setting.


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Download Mz Vista Force:

Mirror 1

Mirror 2

My View:

If you are using Windows Vista then I recommend this software as it is really worth installing and moreover it is a free software. After using this software I could see considerable performance increase in my Windows Vista installation. Visit the Author’s Page.

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