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AMD Quad Core Barcelona to Debut in August

by Shivaranjan on June 29, 2007


amdlogo AMD is expected to unleash its native quad core Barcelona processors in September 2007. This is the first quad core processor from AMD stables with the following specifications:

  1. 32bit instruction fetch
  2. Enhanced branch prediction
  3. Each core will have 64 KB dedicated L1 cache, 512 KB dedicated L2 cache and all cores will share an expandable 2 MB L3 cache.
  4. Expandable shared L3 cache
  5. IPC enhanced CPU cores
  6. Enhanced direct connect architecture and northridge
  7. True quad core die
  8. Dual 128 bit SSE dataflow
  9. Dual 128 bit loads per cycle
  10. HyperTransport links (upto 8GB/sec)

AMD Core

The Barcelona cores would be released for server markets and the quad core for desktop market called as Phenom may be launched between mid November 07 to December 07. Initially Barcelona cores would be clocking upto 2.0GHz between TDP brackets of 65 watts to 95 watts.

My View:

At present there are not much benchmark results that would let us know how it will perform against the Intel Xeon, once the this processor comes out in market then there would some stiff competition in the processor markets. I am waiting for Phenom core benchmarks as that would decide my future upgrade plans.

Via TGdaily

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