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iPod: How to Add Album Art to MP3 Songs using iTunes

by Shivaranjan on July 8, 2007


In this post we shall discuss how we can add any picture as an album art for the songs that you have in your iPod or iTunes library. The main purpose of this post is that we own lot of songs to which we would want to add our favourite picture as album art instead of the original album art that came with the song. You would also be having songs that don’t have album art so you can now add album art to these using iTunes.

How to enable album arts in iPod?

Before you proceed to add album art to the songs make sure have enabled album art feature in your iPod.

1. Open iTunes and go to the music tab under iPod and enable the album art. (refer to the screenshot below; click to enlarge)


How to add album art to songs using iTunes?

1. Get the latest version of iTunes; you can get the latest version from here.

2. Open iTunes and select the song(s) to which you would like to add album art. Now right click the song(s) and select the “Get info” context menu. (Refer to the screenshot below)


3. Now in the window that opens up select the “Add” button and select the pictures that you would like to add as album art. (refer to the screenshots below. Click to enlarge.)



4. Click the “OK” button and you should see the album art in your iTunes library or iPod.


Image Courtesy: ThoughtsMedia Forum

Now go an start adding your favourite pictures as album art.

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I have added album art to 90% percent of my music collections, so what about you? This post was written as I got many requests from my readers to publish a tutorial on this topic, got a question? Write to me and I will help you out.

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