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Charge your Gadgets using the 3.5mm Audio Jacks

by Shivaranjan on July 9, 2007


InflightPower has launched Inflight USB Power Unit that can provide power to your gadgets like mobile phones, music players and etc from the regular 3.5mm audio or music jacks that are available in flights, trains and buses.

How does Inflight USB power unit work?

Simply by plugging in the cable to the passenger seat headset jack, the cable converts the audio output into regulated USB power. InFlight is designed to work on ALL first class seats and business/coach class. With the new battery BOOST feature you can charge anywhere, even while not traveling.


My View:

This product would be most useful for those people who do lots of traveling and I would say that this device is worth keeping along with you to power up your gadgets during your travel. This product retails for USD $34.99 ( approx INR 1,400) and can be purchased from InflightPower.

If were to travel a lot then I would definitely consider buying this. Would you buy this device?

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