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Firefox Add-on: PDF Download

by Shivaranjan on July 12, 2007


Firefox add-on PDF download allows you control the behavior of Firefox in four different ways:

  1. Download the PDF file.
  2. Open the PDF file.
  3. View the PDF file as HTML
  4. Bypass PDF download


Why Firefox add-on PDF download is worth installing?

When ever you click a link that points to a PDF file you would have observed that the PDF file gets opened inside the browser itself. If you are using Adobe acrobat reader for viewing PDF files then you know how long your Adobe acrobat reader to takes to load. By installing this add-on you can custom control the behavior of your Firefox browser to your need moreover PDF file format is a very popular file format that you would encounter frequently so it makes lot of sense to have this add-on.

Various options that Firefox add-on PDF download offers: ( refer to the screenshots, click them to enlarge)




Download Firefox add-on PDF Download

Let me know your feedback on PDF download.

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