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JVC to Introduce 8.5GB Double Layer DVD-RW Media in August 07

by Shivaranjan on July 15, 2007


jvclogo Come August we can expect 8.5GB double layer DVD rewritable media (DVD-RW) from JVC. The specifications of the disc are:

  • The discs would be 1.2mm thick, with two 0.6mm polycarbonate substrates bonded together.
  • They can store data worth 8.5GB.
  • Would be available upto 2X (22.16 Mbits/s) writing speeds.
  • These discs are based on DVD-RW for DL Version 2.0 standard.

The existing DVD burners at present are not compatible with this media. I guess few of the present DVD burners can support these media with a firmware upgrade or the manufacturers may even release new model that may support this media. The price of these discs are not yet disclosed, we should hearing about this soon.

My View:

I would love to see DVD-RW double layer media coming up, as I can carry around 8.5GB of data with me. Until Blu-ray or HD-DVD technology matures it makes lot of sense to use the technology that is already mature.

Found via Techlogg.com

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