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AMD Dual Core Athlon X2 6400+ (3.2 GHz) to Come out Soon

by Shivaranjan on July 25, 2007


AMD may introduce Athlon X2 6400+ clocking at 3.2 GHz soon and this would be its high end desktop chip that would compete with rival Intel’s new improved Core 2 Duo chips. It looks like this would be AMD’s last high end desktop chip based on the current micro-architecture until Phenom based cores make their appearance.

Specifications of AMD Athlon X2 6400+ :

Description Specification
Clock Speed 3.2 GHz
No of Cores 2 (Dual Core)
L2 Cache 2MB (1 MB per core)
Socket AM2 based socket
Manufacturing Technology 90nm

The Athlon X2 6400+ is expected to retail around for USD $224 ( approx INR 9,000) and expected to compete with top of the line Core 2 Duo offerings from Intel until the Phenom cores debut.

My View:

Since this processor is manufactured using the older 90nm technology the TDP values would be on the higher side. Looking at this processor looks like AMD is under tremendous pressure to compete with Intel so that they don’t loose more market share. As said earlier I am eagerly waiting for the Phenom cores from AMD as that would decide my future upgrade plans.

Found Via TechConnect

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