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Water Cooling System for Hard Disk Drives (HDD)

by Shivaranjan on July 31, 2007


I guess all of you would be aware of water cooling systems for CPU and graphics cards, now NEC and Toshiba have announced the world’s first water cooling system for hard disk drives. These systems were initially developed for top of the line audio visual machines but looks like it would be available for the masses. The companies claim that the maximum noise that these cooling systems emit would be only 25db. The pricing of this cooling system is not revealed as of now but I guess it would be expensive atleast initially.

Pictures of Water Cooling System for Hard Disk Drives (HDD): (click to enlarge)




My View:

In my experience I have found that hard disk drives are one of the hottest things that reside in your cabinet after CPU, motherboard and graphics chipset. So people who are thinking on improving the ventilation of your cabinet should consider this product if you can afford the price that this product would command. Currently I have 3 fans serving the purpose of cooling and ventilation, out of these 3 fans one is dedicated to hard disk drives alone. If you are very serious about your hard disk drives then this the best gift you give your hard disk drive as this would make it run lot more cooler.

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