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Finally Moved to DreamHost

by Shivaranjan on October 12, 2007


I finally moved Shivaranjan.com to DreamHost web hosting. My previous web hosting was was good but their mysql server was a screwed up one. Most of the time I would always get a message which would say “Mysql went away”. This was brought to their notice many times but I felt that they did not take any action to resolve it.

Why DreamHost?

Far the past three weeks I was doing lot of research on web hosting and finally zeroed in these web hosting companies:

  • DreamHost
  • Media Temple
  • Blue Host
  • Hostgator

I was already using Dreamhost for Blogg-buzz which is working good till now. John earlier was using some very crap hosting where he faced lot of downtime and sometime back he also moved to DreamHost. Quickonine Tips another popular high traffic technology blog is also hosted on DreamHost, they even put a post that ultimately made my mind to go with DreamHost.

How much downtime did I face?

The total downtime that I faced was close to 13 hours and now my blog is up and running very well.

If you have any issues with my blog please let me know so that I can fix it as quickly as possible.

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