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Lightning Alarm Clock

by Shivaranjan on October 13, 2007


If you want to get up from your slumber with a jolt then you lightning alarm clock is just right for you. This alarm clock has a glass tube that fills with high voltage electric charges that make buzzing noises to wake you up.

Features of Lightning Alarm Clock:

  • Beautiful neo-classic alarm clock with white lightning effects.
  • Wakes you to the sounds of light.
  • Hour, minute, and seconds display.
  • Super-bright lightning effect cycles through the hand-blown glass chamber.

Powering options for Lightning Alarm Clock:

  • It can be powered with a standard AA battery
  • It also comes with an AC power adapter.


This clock would set you back by USD $60 (INR 2,400). You can get his clock from here.

My View:

This clock is amazing and I have never heard of such a clock. If I have some excess cash and if I don’t know what to do with it, then I may buy this stuff keep as a show piece. At present I am quite contended with my Nokia 6630′s alarm functionality. :-D

Found Via Scifi.com

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