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How Convert your 5.5G iPod Video to iPod Classic

by Shivaranjan on October 16, 2007


If you are feeling pissed off by thinking that your 5.5G iPod video does not have the fancy split screen that new iPod classic sports then your search ends right here. Guys from iPodwizard.net have hacked the new iPod classic’s firmware that can be installed in your older 5.5G iPod to get all the fancy features that newer iPod classic has got.


Get iPodWizard version 1.3.7 and update your iPod 5.5G video to new iPod classic. A word of caution I have tried this method yet and I am not sure whether it really works. But going by the various posts in that forum it looks like it definitely works. There are lot of possibilities that your iPod may be bricked during this process so think and proceed.

If any of you try out then let me know if it worked. :twisted:

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