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First Intel Nehalem Microarchitecture based 45nm Processor Code Named Bloomfield

by Shivaranjan on October 17, 2007


Xbit Labs reports Intel’s next generation processors based on Nehalem are to be code named Bloomfield. Now let us discuss what this Nehalem microarchitecture all about.

What is Nehalem Microarchitecture?

Nehalem microarchitecture would be successor to the highly successful core microarchitecture based processors (CPU). The Nehalem based cores would be debuting with 45nm manufacturing technology and in course of time they would switch to 32nm manufacturing technology.

Features that Nehalem Microarchitecture would have:

  • Dynamically managed cores, threads, cache, interfaces and power.
  • Leverages leading 4 instruction issue Intel Core microarchitecture technology.
  • Simultaneous multi-threading (similar to Intel Hyper-threading technology) returns to enhance performance and energy efficiency.
  • Innovative new Intel SSE4 and ATA instruction set architecture additions.
  • Superior multi-level shared cache leverages Intel Smart Cache technology.
  • Leadership system and memory bandwidth.
  • Performance enhanced dynamic power management.
  • This would be the first Intel processor that would sport integrated memory controllers which AMD has implemented in its processors long ago.
  • The Nehalem microarchitecture is expected to sport upto 8 cores and can execute 16 simultaneous thread at a time. That means we can see a huge difference in multitasking environments.
  • These cores are so much customizable that Intel can add a built-in graphics core into Nehalem central processing units and alter the number of memory controller channels besides changing the number of operating processing engines.


These processors are expected to be available from early 2009.

Shivaranjan.com’s View:

Once this processors come to market, then AMD would be in real fix until they bring out something that beat this. I am pretty impressed with the customizable cores that Nehalem cores offer, probably we can even get a custom built CPU from Intel but that would come with huge price tag.

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