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iPod Tip: How to Find When your iPod will Die

by Shivaranjan on October 18, 2007


ipod_death If you are planning to get your hands on the new iPods that Apple launched then you might also want to know how long your current iPod would last, so that you can decide when to purchase a new one. iPod Mechanic has created a website where you can find out how long your current iPod would last based on the following factors:

  • iPod serial number: You would need to enter your iPod’s serial number first. I guess by this they come to find your iPod model and approximate age.
  • Usage duration: Number of hours you use your iPod every week.
  • Usage location: Normal location where you would use your iPod mostly.
  • Wetness factor: If your iPod has become wet ever?
  • Physical damage factor: Have you ever dropped your iPod? By this they find if there could have been any damage to your iPod’s hard drive and other sensitive electronics.
  • Dreaded iPod icons: If you happen to see the dreaded iPod alert icon. This would be indicating that the self diagnostic program of iPod found some problem in your iPod.

iPod Mechanic armed with all these information they predict how long your iPod may last. When I tested my 5G iPod they predicted that my iPod would last for around 418 days i.e around 1 year+ of life that my iPod has got. If you are interested you can also mark the expected date on which you iPod is supposed to die in Google calendar. :-D

So what are you thinking go and check your iPod’s death date and come back let me know. ;)

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