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Intel Soon to Introduce Refrigerated Laptop Docking Station

by Shivaranjan on October 23, 2007


Intel and Embraco recently demonstrated Refrigerated Laptop Docking Station in IDF 2007 which is a Laptop Stand cum refrigerated docking station.This refrigerated laptop docking station features three cylindrical compressors, each 2cm in diameter and 10cm long that drive the coolant around the unit and thereby pulling heat away from the laptop. They claim this docking station is capable of lowering the laptops temperature by more that 10 degree Celsius.


Shivaranjan.com’s View:

That is a pretty good docking station if you want your laps to feel cooler when working with your laptop for long durations. I am still thinking how would this docking station work without causing issues related to condensation in a humid city like Chennai, Mumbai etc. I guess they would have definitely thought about this even prepared a work around probably this too early to find about that.

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