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Outlook 2007 Tip: How to View Google Calendar inside Outlook 2007

by Shivaranjan on October 23, 2007


outlook_icon I am a diehard user of Microsoft Outlook and I depend a lot on Outlook for the various functionalities this piece of software offers. I also happen to use Google calendar a lot along with the calendar function of Outlook so it makes lot of sense for me to keep a track on Google calendar along with my default Outlook calendar. I was using this feature for quite sometime and today decided to share with all of you as recently I got some e-mails from my readers on this topic.

How to View your Google Calendar inside Outlook 2007

1. Login to your Google calendar account. Now go to Settings > Calendars


2. Now click on the calendar that you wish to see in Outlook 2007. In the bottom of the screen you should see a menu called “Private Address”, click on the button called “ICAL”.


3. Now you should see a window that would be showing your private Google calendar URL make a note of this URL and keep it handy. (Never disclose this URL to anybody)


4. Open Microsoft Outlook, go to Tools > Account Settings


5. In Account Settings window now select the Internet Calendars tab. Now select the New button and proceed by adding the URL that you noted down in step 3.



6. Once the Google calendar ICAL URL is added you would be presented with a window where you can fill out your subscription options. Give relevant name and description to the calendar.


7. Now to go to Outlook’s calendar view via Go > Calendar or you can press Ctrl+2


8. Now select the Google Calendar that you added by selecting the check box against it under Other Calendars.


9. That is it now you would be able to view your Google calendar within your Outlook.

Bonus Tip: You can also view your default Outlook calendar and Google calendar side by side by selecting both the calendars in Outlook calendar view.

(Click to enlarge)


This is how I keep track of my Google calendar with Microsoft Outlook.

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