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Windows Vista: How to Add Additional Clocks

by Shivaranjan on October 30, 2007


vista_logo Windows Vista can display additional clocks in addition to the regular. This feature is very handy if want to know the time from other Time zones. At my work my clients belong to European time zone so I always like to check out the current time in their time zone before interacting with them.

How to add additional clocks in Windows Vista

1. Right click on your system tray and select “Adjust Date / Time”


or you can access this setting by Start Menu > Settings > Control Panel > Date and Time

2. In the window that pops now select the “Additional Clocks” tab.

3. Now add your clocks based on the time zone that you wish to add.

4. That’s it now you should be able to see the the additional clocks when you hover your mouse over the system clock in system tray.


If you double click the system clock then you would see the clocks as seen below


Hope you found this post useful, feel free contact me if you have any queries.

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