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Bluetooth Bracelet that Vibrates for Incoming Calls

by Shivaranjan on December 10, 2007


LM959 Bluetooth vibrating bracelet is gadget that will alert the wearer of the bracelet by vibrating. Whenever you get an incoming call the bracelet will alert you by vibrating and if you get away from your phone more than 5m then it will alert you again. So if you are a mobile phone junkie who always wants to keep mobile phone near you then this is the thing for you.

Specifications of LM959 Bluetooth Vibrating Bracelet:

Bluetooth specification: Version 1.2 – Compatible with V1.1, V1.2 & V2
Bluetooth Profiles supported: Headset and Hands free profile
Range of Frequency: 2.4GHz Spectrum
Normal charging time: 3 hours
Stand-by time: up to 100 hours


Bluetooth bracelet is available for around USD $48, so if you got some extra cash then you can get this. In my personal opinion I would never buy this rather I would prefer the Bluetooth headsets using which we can talk wirelessly. You can buy this from here.

Via GeekAlerts

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