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Free Software: Unlock Locked Files using UnLock IT

by Shivaranjan on December 11, 2007


EMCO UnLock IT is a free tool that would allow you to unlock the files that are locked by terminating the process or program that is responsible. Many times you would in a situation where you would like to delete a file what you would get a error message from Windows saying that the file is in use.


This software comes handy when you end up in a situation like this. There is another popular free software called Unlocker that is used by many Windows users but EMCO UnLock IT has got some virtues over the Unlocker.

EMCO UnLock IT can be integrated with Explorer context menu and it also provides the following information about the process that is locking the file:

  • Name of process owner
  • Process owner SID
  • Path and description of the application
  • Process ID and priority
  • Process start time
  • Info about process working set and virtual memory consumed


The software an good alternative to Unlocker but I still prefer to use Unlocker because of its simplicity.

Download EMCO Unlock IT

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