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SCiB Super Charge ion Battery (Lithium ion)

by Shivaranjan on December 12, 2007


SCiB the Super Charge ion Battery from Toshiba stables is battery that is primarily meant for industrial applications. The battery can be charged to 90% of its capacity in 5 minutes and can last upto 10 years or 5000 recharge and discharge cycles. The present lithium ion batteries that we use for day today use are capable of only 300 recharge and discharge and that is the reason that they start dying after about a year of usage. Another plus point that this battery got is that it maintains high safety standards and it won’t probably explode like the normal lithium ion batteries that usually make the news.

SCiB Major Characteristics

1. Excellent safety

SCiB adopts a new negative-electrode material that offers a high level of thermal stability and a high flash point electrolyte, and has a structure resistant to internal short circuiting and thermal runaway. The possibility of rupture or combustion is very low.

2. Long-life cycle

Capacity loss after 3,000 cycles of rapid charge and discharge is less than 10%. SCiB has an excellent long lifecycle, and is able to repeat the charge-discharge cycle over 5,000 times. This means that the SCiB can be continuously used for more than 10 years with a once-a-day recharge-discharge cycle.

3. Rapidly rechargeable

The superb safety characteristics of SCiB allow recharge with a current as large as 50 amperes (A), allowing the SCiB Cell and SCiB Standard Module to recharge to 90% of full capacity in only five minutes.

4. High power (practical capacity)

The SCiB has an input-output performance equivalent to that of an electric double layer capacitor. This feature is suited to high power applications.

5. Temperature

SCiB operates well in temperature extremes, with sufficient discharge at temperatures as low as -30°C. This characteristic also assures wide application in cold climates.

Tech Specifications of SCiB

  SCiB Cell SCiB Standard Module
Voltage 2.4 V 24V
Capacity 4.2 AH 4.2 AH
Size 62x95x13 mm 100x300x45 mm
Weight 150 grams 2000 grams




Toshiba has really managed to make this battery very safe as the following video below shows you the live crushing of SCiB battery under operation:

Shivaranjan.com’s View:

We would really like to congratulate Toshiba’s efforts for bringing out this battery. This battery has got real potential probably we can soon see the death of the conventional lead acid batteries soon, that are largely being used for industrial purposes. We would like to see this technology brought to Laptop and mobile phone batteries soon as this battery can have lot of potential for growth in this section. Soon we would be able to recharge our laptops, mobile phone and other gadgets under 5 minutes and take advantage of long battery life as well.

Via Tohsiba Press Release

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