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Review: Refog Employee Monitoring Software

by Shivaranjan on May 31, 2008


There are certain businesses that require monitoring their employee’s computer activity in their business computers. If your business is one of this kind then you should definitely check out Refog Employee monitoring software.

Features of Refog Employee Monitoring Software:

1. Real Time Remote Monitoring: Once the software is installed you would be able to monitor your employee’s activities remotely. You can see all the action that is happening in your employee’s computer from the comfort of your computer.

2. This program captures the following details from the users computer: keystrokes, screenshots, programs that are run, clipboard and websites visited by the users. These details should be more than sufficient for your monitoring as you get almost what your employee does on his computer along with screenshots.

3. Hidden Mode run: The program can be run in hidden mode and the average user will not be able to detect that he is being monitored by this software. I recommend that if you plan to use this software in your organization then it is better to inform employee’s that they are being monitored.

4. Get alerted by Alarms: This software can be set to raise alarms in your computer if some prohibited activity is being carried out by your employee. This is really useful as you will get to take action before things go out of control.

5. Smart Templates: Using smart templates you can capture only the pre-defined trigger phrases so that you have maximum security and minimum intrusion in your employee’s privacy.

6. Delivery Via FTP and E-mail: You can configure the software to deliver the details of the monitoring by either FTP or E-mail.

Refog Employee Monitoring software can be installed on computers running Windows Vista, XP, 2000 and 2003.

Screenshots of the Refog Employee Monitoring software:




Refog Employee monitoring software is available for around USD $189. The installation can sometimes be tough as your antivirus software may flag this software as spyware or malware, you would have to configure your anti-virus software to believe that this is genuine software.

This is one of the feature rich software for the organizations that require maximum security for their data and control over the employee’s computer use in the business computers.

You can get the Refog Employee monitoring software from here.

Note: This is a paid review.

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